Voice Over and Content Creation

Gavin produces voice over and written content for:


Student listening to elearning session

The human voice connects with learners and helps them to process information and to remember it. Gavin also conveys tone and emotion within the material, making it more interesting and engaging for learners.

Gavin has a pleasant and likeable voice that is ideal for extended listening, and he pays attention to pacing, ensuring that learners have enough time to absorb the information without getting bored or overwhelmed.


Narrating videos is a powerful way to enhance their impact and engage viewers.

Gavin uses his voice to tell a story, provide context, and convey emotion. He delivers the pace and clarity to ensure that the audience can follow along and understand the content.


Listening to audiobooks can be a pleasure because it allows you to enjoy a good book while doing other activities, such as driving or exercising.

The experience of having a story read aloud can also bring the words to life in a different way than reading on a page. Audiobooks often feature professional narrators who use their voices to create distinct characters and convey emotion, making the listening experience more engaging.

Additionally, audiobooks can be a valuable tool for people who have visual impairments or reading difficulties, allowing them to access books they may not be able to read in print.

Voice mail

A good voice mail message is important because it can set the tone for a professional interaction with callers who may not be able to reach you in person.

A clear and concise message can also ensure that callers provide the necessary information for you to respond effectively.

A well-crafted message can demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail, while a poorly written message may leave a negative impression on callers and detract from your credibility.


A professional voice on a podcast is clear, engaging, and easy to understand. The tone should match the subject matter and audience, and the delivery should be natural and confident. A professional voice can help build credibility and keep listeners engaged throughout the episode.

Pre-recorded announcements

Professional public address messages should be clear, concise, and appropriate for the audience and setting. They should be delivered with confidence and enthusiasm, using a tone and language that reflects the nature of the message. Effective public address messages can inform, inspire, and motivate listeners to take action or change their behavior.